Friday, 7 September 2018

T3 Mars Work

This week we have done some SOLO hexagons about Mars about if we should go to Mars or not.

We shouldn't I dont think go to mars because we wont survive because there is 95% carbon-dioxide and only 1% oxygen and we need oxygen to survive. I don't think that we would have enough water and food because the rocket with food and water goes up there every 26 months so they will have to have a lot of food/water. I also dont think that the space suits will be able to withstand the carbon-dioxide. Realistically there going up there to die they have to count on machines. The book that we are reading is becoming a martian.

This week i have also been doing decimals they were fun i did-int quite get them at first but then i caught up then they were really fun.

Friday, 31 August 2018

reflection T3

this is my vocabulary task it was pretty fun and we had to think what the words meant before the book then we read it then we had to think what it meant after we read the story